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  • Planet first!
    Out of respect for our planet and the need to keep it in healthy state for future generations, we support worldwide sustainability and CO2 reduction objectives by creating technology driven sustainable solutions.
    Of our daily do’s and decisions we constantly ask ourselves what the positive environmental leverage would be.

  • We thrive by creating technology driven, sustainable innovative solutions towards a bio based economy. With R&D being our principal focus.

  • We create smart sustainable product concepts and deliver you additives, coatings and cleaners.Where we principally focus on partnerships in Construction, Paper Technology, Maintenance and Health & Dental Care


We develop and produce sustainable, profitable smart concepts, additives and coatings



Our core activity is the R&D and production of our patented additive Econcreed. We dedicate our R&D investments to the development of sustainable building applications, so that our clients can integrate our sustainable solutions to reduce their - and their customers - CO2 footprint in construction.

The patented Econcreed additive is a biomass moist absorption regulator which enables biomass integration into prefab concrete applications, biomass based building plates and insulation applications for flooring, cladding and roofing purposes. R&D is focused on biomass like woodchips, Miscanthus, hemp, sunflower pith, rice husk, plant residues, bagasse and the like, which to be processed into prefab concrete applications and biomass based building and insulation applications for flooring, padding and roof purposes. By developing optimal additive/specific biomass combinations we are able to supply sustainable biomass solutions for CO2 reduction in construction to the various regions like Asia Pacific, India, EU and Africa regions.

Econcreed is also a lightweight biomass precast concrete of which final noise reduction walls (infra) are sold nowadays. With excellent noise reduction but also excellent fire resistancy properties (f.e.for tunnel panels, cladding and fire corridors at wild fire locations worldwide). Residential/ Utility non bearing biobased separation walls, biobased building blocks and 100% biobased building plates are in a final stage. With high national and international builder and project development interest.

Paper technology

An industry dominated by several large multinational players, high growth, hight tech environments and many patents, where Profluid plays an R&D role in supporting Paper Technology Centres.

Core of all support activities is the R&D of sustainable solutions in various coatings aiming at energy reduction, water reduction and versatile water absorption management of paper and carton.


Within the general Maintenance market we are active in several specific segments. Key driver in our Maintenance activities is the integration of our sustainable in house developed 2-in-1 Cleaning&Protection technology platform. This platform enables Cleanprotec to develop market specific product concepts matching specific market requirements. For both B2B and B2C users. Both under the Cleanprotec brand as well as white/private labels.

Ideally both boat owner as well as the commercial vessel industry are longing for improved product sustainability and dealing with the high impact of salty environments.

More important, the commercial vessel industry is chasing new technologies to improve their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. So for the leisure and super yacht industry we have developed a complete line of products to clean and protect in a environmentally responsible and easy way, where as the commercial vessel industry concerned, we are supporting technology driven initiatives to support the reduction of anergy consumption and CO2 impact.

A complete Cleanprotec Automotive cleaning, protection and polish concept for automotive dealers, fleet owners, car detailers as well as a full range of chemicals for car wash facilities.

All uniquely sustainable delivering extreme low environmental impact, low consumption and material and human friendly. Within Mobility we not only cover Automotive and Trucks but also cater assortments for Camping& Caravans and (e-)Bikes, where our newly introduced Cleaning without Water- concept is the answer to increasing environmental restrictions on outside cleaning.

“Preventing cross contamination and the spread of micro organisms through surfaces and air ventilation are essential to provide maximum hygiene” With Facility being the driver for B2B and B2C cleaning

environments we have developed our unique 2-in-1 cleaning &protection technology platform. Resulting in a cleaning&protection product concept which offers increased hygiene levels combined with ease of use. Also enabling us to provide specific solutions to specific market needs. By creating this Increased Hygiene Level- concept we have focussed on futureproof USP’s like; water based, human friendly, material friendly, environmental friendly and low consumption. Though highly effective with very low active ingredients share, these products do not require any hazardous symbols on packaging. And for the most important end user, with our product concept we offer an easy to use and very skin friendly experience.

In 2019 just over 2% of global electricity came from solar. With double digit growth ever since, solar energy is rapidly becoming a vital source of renewable energy. Convinced of its necessity we have used our technology platform to create a sustainable line of cleaners& protection maintenance concept which delivers better economy for large scale solar fields.

Health Care

Corona has had major impact on the way we used to live our lives. Hygiene and prevention of spreading micro organisms have set new rules. In the field of contamination and disinfectant use, customers now ask us to share visions and prepare for new roads. Work on sustainable product concepts and more.

A challenging segment of our R&D activity, where we focus mostly on Dental Healthcare solutions and use our technology platform to diversify into specific dental applications.

research and development

As R&D company we create sustainable solutions inventing product concepts, additives, coatings and cleaners.

Core of all our activities and main focus is our Research&Development. Driven by only one motive: we are responsible in creating sustainable solutions to support a better and healthier world for future generations. With Development capacity both in Belgium and The Netherlands we are known for our versatile sustainability expertise, very short development lead times and creative solutions.

What we do
Not only is our core expertise and innovative strength a hybrid form of both chemistry and nano technology, but being connected to international R&D centres, top specialists and Universities in Belgium and The Netherlands, we create a wide scientifical scope which can support our customers to deliver futureproof solutions. The proof is in the pudding. We create and we make. That is why we have secured our Intellectual Property in an IP entity where we store our technology platforms, extensive testing protocols, recipes and patents. Upon request we can share various patent examples delivered by our chief R&D.

Business model
R&D is the core of our business. Our business model is based on development of state of the art, future proof sustainable technology platforms with which we can develop concepts, additives, coatings and cleaners. Al tuned towards specific client requirements (ready made or customised) in our main Markets; Construction, Paper Technology, Maintenance and Healthcare.

So in practice the final R&D output and business model is therefore strongly depending on underlying customer agreements: i.e. from specifically designed bulk delivery for customer branded assortment productions or small ready made productions, to joint patent developments of exclusive licence- and territory agreements.

about us

With Planet first! as our principle Leitmotiv we have started 10 years ago by building our unique technology platform with which we create sustainable and future proof concepts for our customers. If people do not subscribe this intrinsic vision of how we want to live and work and support a more healthy world we have to live in together, becoming a team member will be a hard job. With a mix of passionate seniority from Belgium and The Netherlands, each with specific expertise, combined with young digital orientation and vision, we daily focus on the large sustainability trends to create positive environmental leverage and make a difference. This way we make our own organisation future proof as well. Offering a challenging organisation for future generations. We will keep you posted by their blogs! Please subscribe here to find out more on what we are doing.